My friends and I booked three days of gator hunting. It was a blast! We hunted Moose the year before in Alaska, but this was just as much fun. We caught 8 alligators over three days, and felt like real trappers when it was over. Adam is so funny, we starting having him over for breakfast, and even took him along to play Sawgrass after the last day’s gator hunt. Highly recommended!
We booked Adam for both a gator hunt, and a shark fishing trip. His gear and professionalism was top notch. More importantly, this guy knows how to hook big creatures. My 28 y/o could lift his arms after battling a 300lb shark. Can’t wait to come back.
Mike Churner, Mike Churner
My wife loves St. Augustine, and our yearly trip means one thing, another gator hunt for me. This year made five years in a row, all with outstanding results.
Murph, Philadelphia, PA
My husband will never understand my obsession with wrestling gators…lol. This year made my sixth trip, all more fun that the last. Each year we bring more friends down for the experience.
Bea, Conway, Kentucky