Fishing charters in St. Augustine

Florida’s Premier Fishing Adventure…

Fishing $600 –  4 hours… ($100 per additional hour)

The estuaries of St Augustine hold some of the best inshore fishing in the world.  Redfish, Trout, Flounder and Sheepshead all call this beautiful place home. Inshore fishing is available year round.  Likewise few places rival Northeast Florida when it comes to big, giant, tasty fish offshore fish.  Bruiser cobia, and smoker kings are here most of the year.  Snapper, Grouper, and Giant Amberjack are also in abundance.   Spend the day cranking a reel, and take home bags of filets as a just reward.

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Redfish caught in our fshing charter in St. Augustine

The ride out is in a state of the art, whisper quiet boat, aptly named Reel Adrenaline .  You can sip your coffee, and talk at a normal voice.  No smelly diesel fumes, or load engines to spoil your trip.  The boat has a bow with a Carolina flair, making it the driest ride in the ocean.  State of the art electronics paired with the CAPT’s lifetime of saltwater fishing experience means you will go home with sore arms and big smiles.  Kingfish, Cobia and Bull Redfish can be found close to shore at most of the year.  These species along with Amberjack, Grouper, and Monster Red Snapper are typically in abundance from the 10-25 mile range….less than a 30-minute ride on most days.  The fishing gear is likewise state of the art and compact.  Deep water jigging rods rated for 200lb braid, and reels with incredible torque are both light in weight, and powerful.  No broomstick sized rods, and clunky reels on this vessel.  Every consideration has been made to make your angling the experience of a lifetime.  Welcome aboard!