Game On Fishing Girl Holding Shark

Florida’s Premier Shark Adventure…

Shark fishing $600 – 4 hours ($100 per additional hour)

The estuaries of St Augustine team with small bait fish, making it the ideal home for a host of big sharks.  We troll for most sharks using live mullet or menhaden,  The boat ride soon becomes a slow troll quickly punctuated by the sound of screaming reels.  Big spinner sharks dancing in the air behind the boat, as you struggle to stop this magnificent creature.  A blacktip has joins the fray, and everyone one board now has a reel in their hand.  Shark battles often last for 15-30 minutes, but the memories last a lifetime.   Shark fishing is purely catch and release, but the memories will live on in Facebook, and Instagram forever.  Most trips see multiple shark hookups, and drinking the pain away later might be impossible with such sore arms. 

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