Alligator Hunts  $500 – ($52 License not included)

Florida’s Premier Group Alligator Adventure…

This is an intense, completely immersive experience, in which you and your friends spend the day with a professional alligator trapper, participating in all aspects of alligator capture!

We use proven equipment and techniques to catch and remove the wayward gators that have come into conflict with humans. Our tools include rods and reels, snares, and harpoons. Years of experience has taught us the perfect way to live capture alligators, while ensuring the safety of those who join us on our trapping excursions.

When you decide to join our trappers, be assured you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime. We’ll teach you the finer points of locating a gator, and all the techniques you’ll need to safely capture an alligator. Make sure your smartphone has plenty of memory to capture the action.

Adrenaline Outdoors has a 100%success rate: we always get the alligator! We are not able to offer a guarantee; however if you do not get a gator on your excursion, we’ll take you out again free of charge until you get a gator. The opposite is typically the case, with many clients capturing several alligators during an excursion.

The state allows trappers to keep the alligators they remove. Some clients desire to keep the alligators they capture.  Arrangements can be made with the trapper to keep the alligator for hide or meat at a nominal fee.

This is a completely unique, heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled experience, spending a day with professional alligator trapper is truly the adventure of a lifetime. Call and make your reservations with us today.

Trapping Excursion

Trapping Excursion Details

Your Alligator Trapping Excursion:

We’ll meet at a predetermined location for a safety briefing, overview of the equipment, and guidelines on what to expect. You will also apply for your alligator trapping agent license via the Florida Wildlife Commission License center which only takes a couple of minutes, so you can participate. A state driver’s license or passport number is required. The cost of the license is $52.00 and is good for a year. If you want to observe and not actively participate in the trapping, a license is not required.

We’ll head out to our first call in a four-door pick-up that can comfortably seat your group of four. Our gear is safely stowed throughout the vehicle: the rods and reels, harpoons, and jug baits are all there and at the ready.  The excitement builds, surrounded by the tools of the trade, and the anticipation of going after your first gator! Each participate is given a role, and gear assignment.

The Alligator Trapping Experience

Once arriving at the site, we’ll scout the gator, then stealthily stalk him, forcing him into the water. When his head pops up, we cast the weighted treble hook over the gator, and you go to work. You’ll have a screaming reel in your hands as you bring the ferocious predator closer to shore. Then comes the hands-on work: harpooning, snaring, subduing, and taping the gator’s mouth closed. Dirty, heart-pounding work, sure to send the adrenaline coursing through your veins!

Success Rates and Sizes

As Florida’s premier trappers, we have a 100% success rate. Should we not get an alligator on your excursion, we’ll take you out again free of charge, until you’ve landed your gator. Sizes vary, but most of the gators we bring in are in the six- to nine-foot range.

What to Wear and Bring on your Florida Gator Trapping Adventure

Sun screen, comfortable clothes based on the weather are recommended bug spray is a good idea too, although bugs are rarely a problem.   What’s most essential, though, is your excitement about the adventure!

Alligator Hunts  $475 – ($52 License not included)